Multi-Touch Systems

Interactivity and multi-media technology are key tools for the engagement and retention of clients, students and others. This is where our multi-touch systems are game-changing.


Our Partners, Eyefactive, developed a project using touch screens that generated half a million views across social media platforms from only 2,500 participants. Consider the amount of free marketing potential in this situation.


Multi touch systems are also changing the face of learning in remote communities, bringing multi-touch and VR to Indigenous communities.  This is a world first for multi-touch and VR integration.


The Multi-touch system can be used in any number of applications - education, retail, business, public areas such as libraries, museums, tourist information centres, trade shows, bars and clubs and many more.

All LEEDR Multi-touch systems delivered to libraries and schools are delivered with a free video mapping starter pack.


"Having the LEEDR Multi-touch system in the school has enabled teachers to really examine their strategies for student learning using devices in the classroom. The focus shifts from how an application or software will improve student outcomes to teachers examining how they will teach using this piece of technology. The LEEDR system is helping our school to redefine digital learning experiences rather than the technology merely acting as a direct tool substitute with no functional change in teaching and learning strategies".

Dr. Gwen Sands, Principal, Peregian Springs State School, QLD