Products: Transparent LEDs

High Tansparency

LEEDR transparent screens have adopted side-light technology high light and full colour LED lamps, which improve transparency rates. For example, P5 transparent LED screens transparency can reach up to 60%. While for P8, the transparency can reach up to 85%.

Smallest Pixel Pitch

With LEEDR side-lighting technology, high light and slim full colour led lamps,our screen pixel pitch can be made to 5mm, which allow it to display HD video.

Customised Designs

Due to their strip module structure and customized PCB design, LEEDR LED screens can be custom made to suit all of your business needs.


LEEDR transparent screens are extremely light. With the unique PCB design, cabinet maximum width can reach up to 1920mm, while maximum height can reach up to 5200mm without the need for an internal support frame.

Easy Installation

Without the need to rely on glass, LEEDR transparent screens can be hung or be stand- a-lone floor pieces. They can also be mounted on different glass wall structures.

Easy Maintenance

LEEDR transparent screens have high performance. In the event of LED failure the strips can be easily removed and replaced, ensuring maintenance to be low cost and fast.

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